Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boxing Bantam Weight - 56 kg

The basics of boxing at London Olympics

The Olympic Boxing competition will feature 10 men’s weight categories, from Light Fly Weight (46-49kg) to Super Heavy Weight (over 91kg). Women’s Boxing will feature as a full Olympic medal event for the first time, with medals in three weights: Fly Weight (48-51kg), Light Weight (57-60kg) and Middle Weight (69-75kg).

Men’s bouts take place over three rounds of three minutes each; women’s bouts are four rounds of two minutes each. Boxers score points for every punch they land successfully on their opponent’s head or upper body.

If a boxer is knocked to the ground and fails to get up within a count of 10 from the referee, the bout is over. Bouts can also be won or lost due to retirement or disqualification. A referee can also decide to stop the fight at any point if they think a boxer is unfit to continue.

Top Bantam Weight Boxers

Top 100 Boxer in Bantam Weight Category - 118 lb.

Bantam Weight Title History

Shiva Thapa is representing India in London 2012 Olympics in bantam weight category. Watch his fight with Wessam Salamana (Syria) in finals of 2012 AIBA Asian Olympic Qualifying Event on Date: 12 Apr 2012



Beijing 2008 Finals



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